Essay on Global Warming Is A Topic That Plagues Most Of The World

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Global Warming is a topic that plagues most of the world because no one really knows what is causing it, if anything at all. There are 3 theories on why the world is warming and what the cause may be: human activities, natural phenomenon and that the globe is not even warming at all, just natural fluctuation. Regardless of the reason behind global warming, people want to come together and stop the Earth’s warming or prevent it from happening. The fast melting Artic Sea ice is thawing faster than scientist have projected. This Earth’s temperature changes atmosphere conditions, planets, animals and their survival. The most well-known of the three opinions regarding global warming is that the Earth is heating at alarming rates do to man’s activities. Scientist James Hansen and other researchers, scientists, and economist have started an effort to require countries to do their part to slow the effect. Part of that change would be to use clean energy opposed to fossil fuels. Fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas provide around 80% of the world’s energy. Clean energy is geothermal, hydropower, nuclear, solar and wind. According to Hansen, “We can’t burn all these fossil fuels. There is no recognition of this in government policies.” This group of minds have laid out an outline of why global warming is manmade. They argue that fossil fuel admissions have and will permanently change the climate of the earth. The rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere are higher than have been…

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