Global Warming Is A Serious Problem Essay

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Global Warming is a serious problem that is facing the whole world not one country, but all country had something to do with it. Global Warming is change in the weather and getting it hotter, as a result of the increasing rise in the emission of greenhouse gas or green greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon dioxide, water vapor and gas Nowruz dioxide and gases chlorofluorocarbons and ozone gas found in layers the lower atmosphere and because it banked portion of the thermal energy falling from the sun more than normal quantities. Carbon dioxide gas is the most greenhouse gases in terms of annual production and therefore the most of the laws and international agreements as synonymous with all international agreements and bodies involved in the mitigation of global warming. The first to launch the term global warming is chemotherapy Swedish origin (Svante Arnillos) 1896. Scientists agreed that Global Warming is cussing extreme weather and that the earth’s in rising temperature and make more frequent drought, heavier rainfall, Ice milting and more powerful hurricanes.

Global worming is threatening the world, the raise in temperature is making a lot of thing around the world, every country and city had to be expecting any changing in the weather and has to be ready for what could happen in result of those changes. Flooding is one example of climate changing and how damaged it could be and that depend on how ready the city is and if they are not ready…

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