Global Warming Can Hurt Eco Systems Essay

726 Words Mar 14th, 2015 3 Pages
The summary clearly shows that there is an over-population problem and that a possible solution to this problem is to spread awareness through a mandatory high school course called “Sustainability and Resource Management”. The courses main objectives are to help show students on how to be more environmentally aware and show the effects of over population. The proposal then goes on to explain the issues the course would address in more detail, this includes such topics as how climate change is effecting the earths systems and how global warming can hurt eco systems. It then goes on to address how over population is causing more of the world’s natural resources to be depleted. The final issue addressed in the course is how more waste is being produced in the world today due to the fact that the population is increasing. In the problem section it explains how teaching high students about the consequences of over population and using to many resources will be the most effective at this age. The proposal states that they will survey parents, staff, and students in the first few years to see if the course is worth keeping.

The proposal was explained in a way that lots of people could understand and relate today. Most people now a days have heard about global warming and realize that it is an issue that needs to be addressed. So proposing this idea to the public or the school board would be a good idea because it is a relevant topic that a large portion of the population cares…

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