Essay about Global Warming And Its Impact On The Environment

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II. Important Information:
1. The main idea is that owning stuff is not the key to happiness and that consumers today own more than they need and it also impacts the environment. Hill demonstrates this by showing statistics of global warming due to consumerism. Hill also claims that most of our stress comes up when we are managing our own personal belongings, whether it be moving to a new house or selling stuff, and that he is personally happier in life owning less items than the average American consumer. Hill claims that “. . . Relationships, experiences and meaningful work are the staples of a happy life.” (213)
2. The intended audience is college educated consumers. Hill assumes that the reader will understand his vocabulary, discussion of global warming, and the effects of consumerism.
3. The author’s purpose is to reach the common American consumer to educate them to help themselves and the environment. Hill is attempting to reach people that feel they need stuff in their lives to be happy, and to show them the mental and environmental impact that the pursuit of goods has on people and Earth. He does this by telling a story of how he went on a shopping spree after coming into an absurd amount of money, and how much better he felt when we stopped and lived a minimalist lifestyle.
4. The author is biased in two ways: He has previously had negative experiences with consumerism and he is an entrepreneur that supports protecting the environment. Hill describes his life of…

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