Global Warming And Its Effects On The World Essay

1235 Words Nov 11th, 2016 5 Pages
Today, one of the biggest crisis that the world is facing is global warming. Despite some doubters, scientists have proven that the current production of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide is having devastating effects on the atmosphere. Every time someone flips on a light switch, they are tapping into the world’s supply of fossil fuels. The fossil fuels that are the main sources of energy that we have access to are coal, petroleum, and natural gas. According to The Center for Biological Diversity in 2005 eighty-six percent of the energy used throughout the world was produced by fossil fuel combustion and the United States combustion rate came in at around eighty-five percent. This accounts for eighty percent of all greenhouse emissions and ninety-eight percent of carbon dioxide created each year. If nothing is done to counter the damage that is being done to the atmosphere, it will lead to a much more dangerous world for people to live in, and ultimately an inhabitable environment. Fortunately, they are many possible steps that we, the people of the world can take to limit our impact on Global Warming.
There are possible solutions, some on the large stage while others are on small personal levels, options for people to take. On the national level in an attempt to aid the reversal of the evident current global warming crisis, one possible solution to do is switch the main energy source from oil, coal, and gas to renewable energy like hydropower, solar power, and…

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