Global Warming And Its Effects On The World Essay

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Global warming is the term used to describe an increase in the average temperature of the Earth 's atmosphere and its oceans,a change that is believed to be changing the climate of earth ( ). It has been a global issue for a long time now. It has led to many global problems that are very dangerous to all people.
Some historical background of global warming is , ever since the 1880’s earth 's temperature has been gradually increasing which is impacting the whole world and makes sea level rise which can lead to many problems. Earth 's climate has changed throughout history. Just in the last 650,000 years there has been been cycles of global advance and retreat. In the last 7,000 years marks the beginning of the modern climate era. The current warming happening is of particular sig=significance. Most of the warming is due to humans and has led to global warming becoming a very serious problem in the world. Warming is proceeding at a rate that is unpredictable in the past 1,300 years. Scientists have gathered lots of data which reveals the signals of a changing climate. All this evidence of Global warming is happening due to the greenhouse effect , burning of fossil fuels and Industrialization. This causes are making the earth warmer which is not good because the warmer the earth gets the more dangerous it becomes. It affects all seasons throughout the year and can have big impacts on people 's daily lives and where they live.

A major cause of global…

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