Global Science And Global Warming Essay

1007 Words Dec 6th, 2016 5 Pages
Global Weirdness is a relatively easy read that is focused on the effects of global warming. The title “global weirdness” is incredibly appropriate for it is not just about global warming, but also the other “weird” factors that are occur as well; for instance, relentless droughts, rising seas, severe storms, deadly heat waves, and water movements are just a few to name. The book is consisted of four parts with sixty, short chapters and an epilogue. The first part is entitled “What the science says”, and explains the facts about global warming; our current knowledge, the cause and how. Part II “What’s actually happening” focuses on what is happening presently. The third part “What’s likely to happen in the future” is about the future, the events the will occur if we change course or not. “Can we avoid the risks of climate change” is the fourth part and shines a light on ways to relieve the effects of global warming. In “What the science says”, Carbon dioxide was referenced as a major threat in the greenhouse effect that results in the rising temperatures of the earth. Before any human influences, carbon dioxide that entered the atmosphere was almost removed naturally through processes at the same rate. The great oceans, plants, and the act of mineral conversion, are just a few processes to name. Now, factor in human influences, and the burning of fossil fuels accelerates that carbon input, and the those natural processes cannot keep up. Especially not with deforestation,…

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