Global Marketing Management And The Asian Culture Essay

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According to Kevin Gruver, Globalization can be seen as progress for the whole world to gain knowledge with one another and to develop together. So, its process is making the cultures of the world more homogeneous. (Globalization, Environment, and Religion). Nowadays, People have the freedom to choose their culture and People find this empowering to shape their cultures but people are choosing and forming a homogeneous culture.
The Asian soul is characterized by values such as love of silence and contemplation, proximity to nature, detachment, simplicity, frugality, harmony, non-violence, and respect for elders, love for learning, filial piety, compassion, and commitment to the family. All these values made the Asian culture, a high context culture, where according to Helsen & Kotabe (2014). Global Marketing Management, the interpretation of messages rests on contextual cues. (Pages 113). These values are rooted in the DNA of Asians. According to Ashcroft, Bill, & al. (1995), these values can be seen as exaggerated, but there is no doubt that there are true. These values are opposed to the American way of life strongly influenced by individualism. They are difficult to be practiced in the United States, given the professional aspect determined by material success, and democratic egalitarianism. Regarding the democracy, freedom of expression is one of its foundations and everything should be said and more emphasis is put on self-fulfillment and not the happiness of the…

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