Essay on Global Management

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Global Business Cultural Analysis: China
LaTasha Baker
GRST 500/501
Since the beginning of time when Adam and Eve left the garden, people have been increasing the geographic realm of their economics, political, social and ethnicity contacts. People begin connecting with other nationalities all of the world. This relationship provide wealth and progress along with adverse disputes within the relationship of countries (MacEwan, 2001). There are many reasons why companies covet to develop their business to other countries. There are many difficulties and a wide-range of benefits when a company expands globally outside of their cultural. When a company conduct business outside of their zone; research is required, patients,
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In China there were certain types of ethics, they were social ethic and ethics in business, business ethics result from economic reforms (Parboteeah & Cullen, 2013). However, business ethics are dependent upon a country’s culture. When the United States began to market into other countries, business ethics can cause ethical problems when building a relationship. Before the United States decided to market in China which is consider the market “giant”, in global business. When smaller business that are interested into entering China to develop a business partnership, it is important to understand the business cultural, ethics and behaviors of China and their expectations. This will help reduce the increase of conflicts need to have knowledge of the nature, and history of China to gain understanding of the ethical system. It is important that they understand these subjects in order to be successful in cross- culture business. All business operations are affected by ethics and the expectation within the cultural.
Corresponding to Emerging Dimensions of Business Ethics in China expresses that, “With China’s emergence as an important business destination, and understanding of the ethical viewpoints is relevant. Much is to be desired in the understanding the country’s ethical landscape. Ethical behavior study in China is a challenging research arena

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