Girls Should Not Be Banned Essay

1234 Words Feb 24th, 2016 5 Pages
Girls are just as talented and athletic as boys, maybe even better and should be able to play on the same teams as their male counterparts. Some of the best sports players are girls. They are dedicated to what they do, and they work hard to achieve their goals. Plus, girls are stronger than they look, as looks can be deceiving. Girls are not included because people think that girls are not as good as boys are, but as some girls know, girls are just as good as the boys at sports. Girls could teach boys new skills and boys could teach girls skills. Girls and boys should be treated just the same. Girls should not be turned down because of gender. Some girls may be built different but they have the same muscles as guys. It is well known that guys are built bigger than girls. However, that doesn’t mean girls are too fragile to play sports with the guys. The two genders should have the opportunity to participate in sports with one another.
Also, girls should have the opportunity to try to play boys sports. In some places they do and some they don’t. Girls should be able to play if they really want to. If they are willing to take the hit then difference there’s no difference between boys and girls playing. A female can play just as rough and strong as a male can. First, there would be more opportunities out there for girls. There would be a lot more open sports available for them. These ladies would not have to worry about not having a sport to play. Some of these…

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