Girl Power vs. Boy Power Essay

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Common Wealth Essay: Girl power or Boy power !

The way I figured it out, everyone has the same point of view about girls. Like, how we jump into conclusion too quickly when we see our boyfriend talk to another girl, that we gaze at ourselves in the mirror at every opportunity we get, that it takes us an eternity to decide between the soup or salad or that we don’t understand why the quarter back is running one way when we are watching hockey. I have to admit that most of it is true but not all girls are like that. My point being that people can surprise you, well girls can. This isn’t another story about a regular girl trying to prove a point by joining the boy’s soccer team; this is a story about my life.

I always had a
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So I kept quiet. I wasn’t the only one however who was stuck in the same situation. Like me, Emma had a passion for something you’d think only men would be interested in. Cars. Although, unlike me she wasn’t afraid to show her enthusiasm. Every day after school she’d be the first one out of class dropping a few homework assignments on her way to her father’s garage. When I would walk home, I could smell the car engines and I would always see her with oil stains on her shirt, her hair in a messy braid and dirt on her face. I envied her because she didn’t care what other people said.

I went home and turned on my computer. As always I entered my password and signed on to my YouTube account. For an excessive amount of time, I just kept watching hockey videos. One after the other, I kept reminiscing to myself that I should be more like Emma. I heard shouting coming from my window. When I peered outside I saw a little girl shooting a puck at an empty net on her driveway. I smiled. She was imitation being a sports reporter and cheered for herself when she scored a goal. Even by herself she seemed to have a great time. When she caught me watching her from behind my blue curtains, she waved and smiled at me. She lifted her hockey stick and continued her game.

I am now older and more mature and I have also accomplished my childhood

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