Ghosts : Are Ghosts Real? Essay

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Believe in the Unseen

For many years, nearly every individual, culture, and region of the world has been attached to the same persistent paranormal question: are ghosts real? While this question is not a new one, recent advancements in technology have proven to capture more evidence than ever to back up the ancient horror stories. Between the loud barks and screams, the continuous daunting mass media, and the captured sudden movements, the mystery of spirits could not be more existent. In today’s Western culture, ghosts are defined in a variety of ways. Some would consider a ghost a soul or apparition of a dead person that is believed to appear to the living in haunting ways. Others would claim a ghost simply to be a nebulous image, or even a mere shadow. However, one characteristic that is not mentioned is who can see these apparitions. Many question who ghosts present themselves to and why. It is said that nearly 70 percent of individuals believe that children and animals have the ability to see ghosts. Based on numerous accounts of dogs frantically barking at nothing or infants screaming in fear for unknown causes, it is challenging to put aside the belief. For example, the probability of someone having an experience with a dog jumping around a room aggressively barking at what appears to be nothing is quite likely. Then, to add the chances of watching children show similar characteristics of fear or having long in-depth conversations with nothing out of the blue is…

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