Ghetto Narrative Essay

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July 22, 1942 is the date. Exactly one year and one month ago today, I, Abby Sheridan, along with my family and the rest of the Jews, was forced to move to this place the Germans call a “ghetto.” Sometimes life in the ghetto can be pretty decent when we get an extra slice of bread or if my friends and family are in good spirits. However, these days are few and far apart. Every day it seems more hope has been lost. I think the only thing that keeps us going is our faith, and it is against the Germans’ rules to pray in public, so we must be careful about when we practice our religion. If you get caught breaking the rules of the Nazis, the punishment is death. There is a lot of death around the ghetto. Starvation, labor, and failure to obey the …show more content…
Sometimes we are allowed to go upstairs when it is safe. I love these days because I miss the sunlight and fresh air after spending so much time down there. Over time I can tell that Jackie looks much healthier and she says she feels much stronger than before. Food is no longer always on my mind and all of us have gained some weight since we arrived in the village.
The date is February 13, 1943 when Sarah informs us of some terrible news. Pastor Andre Trocme has been arrested by the Germans for hiding Jews in the church. We are instructed to stay in the cellar until the Germans leave the village. While in the cellar, my family and I spend most of our time praying. We pray that we do not get caught and we pray for the kind residents of this village that are risking their lives to help us.
I lose track of time, but eventually Sarah tells us that it is now safe again and that it is a miracle that most of the Jews are still hidden. And there is even more good news. About a month later, Pastor Andre Trocme is released from jail and returns to the village. When he gets back, to my surprise, he continues to hide more Jews. I cannot believe that all of these people would risk their lives to help complete strangers. I wonder if I could be as courageous as

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