Ghana 's Education : A Realistic Proposition Or A Crisis Of Vision?

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Many believe that currency is the most valuable thing in the world; they couldn’t be further from the truth. Education is priceless. Padmore E. Agbemabiese, author of “Are the Schools We Have in Ghana the Schools We Need in Ghana?”, was born in the Volta Region of Ghana. He is a scholar and poet, currently lecturing at The Ohio State University, in African American and African Studies. His article was originally published in the Ghanaian Times, in Accra, Ghana. The main argument that Agbemabiese presents is that the schools provided and supported by western powers in Ghana lack the cultural experience of their communities, driving children towards alienation from their own homes. Ahmed Kuyini, author of “Ghana’s education reform 2007: A realistic proposition or a crisis of vision?”, attended the University of Cape Coast in Ghana. The main argument that Kuyini makes in his article on Ghanaian education is that Ghana’s education system, supported through world organizations that make it so, needs to make a move towards educating students to benefit the domestic and local labor markets, rather than the global ones. While Kuyini’s article is superior in the logos aspect of the arguments, Agbemabiese’s work is more effective in both the pathos and ethos arguments, thus making it the choice source.
The (2010) article, “Are the Schools We Have the Schools We Need in Ghana?” by Dr. Padmore E. Agbemabiese, the ethos argument is immensely effective, as it contains multiple…

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