Essay on Germany Company Expansion

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Entering into a new market place is a great idea you came up with in our last meeting. It will allow our automobile company to grow and expand. Germany is a top candidate I would consider doing foreign direct investments in. Germany has the best automotive industry in Europe. They have social stability and the currency is strong. Their automobile manufactures produce 17% worldwide. The automobile industry is thriving in Germany and our company can participate in the thriving. They have the world’s most auto industry patents.
Germany’s Gross domestic product in 2012 is predicted to be .7% and in 2013 it is predicted to be 1%. It is Europe's number one automotive market. At least 35% of all passenger cars manufactured
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Eastern Germany gets the same amount of vacation time and bonuses as the rest of the country but they do not work as much as the rest of Germany. Refer to Figure 5.

“84% of the German population have been trained to university entrance level or possess a recognized vocational qualification above the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) average of 67 percent.” The German workers are and will continue to be adequate in meeting skilled labor demands in the workforce. Natural sciences and engineering degrees account for 30% of German university graduates. With these numbers engineering in Germany should remain outstanding.

Government Regulations
German government launched an economic stimulus program in 2009 to help boost the demand for new cars. It was called the “scrapping bonus.” If the car was older than nine years then the person was eligible. The National Electromobility Development Plan made more than EUR 500 million in funds available for the production of electronic vehicles. German government set standards for biofuels share by energy at 12% by 2020. More than 260 passenger car models produced in Germany already meet or are below the 130g/km of CO2 target. Smaller vehicles are in demand because people want more energy and fuel efficient cars.
Taxes in Germany can be as low as 22.83% and as high as 30%. That makes them one of the most competitive tax systems. Germany has a value

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