Essay on Geriatrics and Long-term Care

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Long-Term Care Options for the Elderly

I selected the topic of long-term care options for my research paper, because of the importance of allowing the elderly to remain in their residence as long as possible in their final years and what options they have if they choose not to live in their own home. I will look at programs and services that provide long-term care for the elderly.
My grandmother, 89 years old, has recently decided to move into an assisted living facility after living by herself since my grandfather passed away 16 years ago. The decision for her was not easy, except she does not want to live alone anymore. Though her sons and daughters check in on her all of the time, they are not there 24 hours a day. She does not want
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Community-Based Care Services
If you have the ability to transport yourself to social activities, health appointments or go out for meals, community-based care services are probably not needed. However, for the elderly who cannot get out on their own, or have family that can provide transportation, community-based care services can help. Community-based organizations are broadly made up of an all volunteer staff. Services offered differ amongst organizations.

Adult Day Care Centers
Provides social interaction and meals in a protected environment, thus allowing those take care of the elderly person time-away. Social interaction includes activities such as physical exercise, games, trips, art and music. Some adult care programs offer medical services, such as help taking medications or checking blood pressure. In the United States of America 1,141 of 3,141 counties lack enough space for adult day care (Shellenbarger, 2002). Transportation to and from adult daycare is sometimes offered by the adult day care center. Currently cost of adult day care averages about $60 a day. Though it sounds expensive it is cheap compared to home-care, assisted living and nursing home care. Adult day care is covered through Medicaid and those insurance companies that offer long-term care policies.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities
Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) offer independent living in a cottage setting to skilled nursing care and

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