George Washington 's Leadership And Nationalism Essay example

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Great leaders show qualities of confidence, commitment, and developing their country to the best of their ability. George Washington was the first President of the United States, and was the only president to be unanimously elected by the Electoral College. Americans consider about George Washington, “If there was a Mount Olympus in the new American republic, all the lesser gods were gathered farther down the slope.” He was an outstanding specimen, physically and mentally, and all of his actions of selflessness have positively impacted the maturation of America. Washington was 6 foot 2 inches and had a large impact whenever he entered a room. George Washington’s leadership and nationalism provided a strong foundation for developing America into the great place it is today. Washington helped develop America and became a monumental figure by holding himself accountable for the needs of others, by demonstrating honor and selflessness in his actions, and by immersing himself in the battle toward the country’s development. These qualities help America flourish because he was the first president, so whatever actions he did served as an outline for the rest of America. All of Washington greats qualities are what America is based on today. One of Washington’s greatest decisions that left a prevalent impact on the development of the United States, was that he decided to step down and not run for president again. He was such a beloved figure by so many people, that he would…

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