Essay George Washington : The First President Of The United States

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Generalship of George Washington George Washington was the first president of the United States. He was also famous because of his generalship in the Revolutionary War. His contribution to American Independence is praised throughout the history, and Washington is even called the Father of United States. George Washington 's military strategies led Americans to fight back the British Empire. Without Washington’s leadership, America would not be able to become independent. On June 14, 1755, the Second Continental Congress appointed George Washington as the commander of the Continental Army. However, there were a lot of problems Washington need to solve in order to win the war. First of all, only one-third of the colonists want a war for independence. There were about another third were loyalists, and the final third were neutral. And the congress did not have right to tax people to raise money for the Continental Army. Plus, the Continental Army did not have much training, unlike British Army had already formed for a long time. So, George Washington did not choose to face the British Army directly. As the commander of the War, he used a lot of Guerilla Tactics. This strategy means that American wanted to fight an insurgent war. The colony might not win the battle, but the primary goal is to cut down own loss and wear the British down. One of the good example to analyze this strategy is the battle of Bunker’s On June 17, 1775, the British defeated the Americans at the…

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