George Orwell 's 1984 Shows How Simple It Is For A Government

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George Orwell’s 1984 shows how simple it is for a government to control their citizens. 1984 suggests that war or the idea of war can control citizens and keep the party in control by maintaining the social classes, promoting patriotism, and keeping the citizens ignorant of what is going on around them. This matters because the Party can get the entirety of Oceania to believe what they say even though it is a lie, which demonstrates how simple it is for a government to control its citizens through words and propaganda. This war helps to maintain the social classes because with the citizens not knowing what is going on, they don’t try to change the social class system or take down Big Brother. This enables the party to stay at the top of the social class system since they can control people 's thoughts and they can make everyone think that they should remain the rulers. The party can also control their social classes because they have so many people that work for them so they can find people who may try to overtake them. They use torture and hidden employees to get the people who don’t follow the rules. This is illustrated when O’Brien caught Winston, while he was reading a book that the Brotherhood gave to him. Another example is when they found Winston and Julia they took them to the Ministry of Love to get them to trust everything the party says and to Love Big Brother. Also at the end of the book when Winston got tortured by O’Brien to get him to love Big Brother and…

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