Essay on George Orwell 's 1984 And Animal Farm

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Novels are a very important part of the present day society. They teach the society about the past, the present, and in some cases try to warn about the future. George Orwell who wrote 1984 and Animal Farm, also tried to warn about the future by reflecting on the past in these two novels. Both 1984 and Animal Farm share striking similarities in the way they present a dark and disturbing future. While focusing on the oppressive governments of the future, the common aspects of both novels are: media use by the governments, the limited rights and freedoms that the citizen have, and the privileges that the governments keep to themselves.

The novel 1984 is similar to Animal Farm when it comes to the use of media by the governments to remain in power. First, one would always find Big Brother’s poster on streets, buildings, and elsewhere, “Big Brother Is Watching You, the caption beneath it ran,” (1984 5). This caption was intended to create the presence of Big Brother or his associates like the Thought Police among citizens. This would result in citizens avoiding any political comments or actions against the Party or Big Brother out of fear of being watched. Second, the Party changed and or altered media especially newspapers in order to wipe out discrepancies resulting from the party decisions. “The reporting of Big Brother’s Order for the Day in the Times of December 3rd 1983 is extremely unsatisfactory and makes references to nonexistent persons. Rewrite in full and submit…

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