How Does Orwell Create A Dystopia?

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The setting surrounding the novel ‘1984’ expresses a haunting narrative that helps emphasize the boldness of Orwell’s idea on dystopia. Having witnessed authentic horrors of totalitarian governments in Russia and during the midst of the Spanish Civil War, Orwell portrays a novel which would go the mile to compare with totalitarian governments to sustain and increase their power. I was mesmerised by the way George Orwell wrote such a novel that couldn 't be far from a world so extreme right now. It occurred to me, what would have actually encouraged such a novel to be expressed and taken place in the future with quite accurate ideas. Elements that take place in ‘1984’ have occurred in historical events of the past, but however have also occurred …show more content…
Citizens of Oceania were watched everywhere they went, telescreens and hidden microphones were across the cities, this enabled the Party to monitor citizens but also its members at all time. Although, I think this is in fact a breach of their privacy as Orwell revels in 1984 that technology, which is mostly portrayed as working towards moral good in the world, however, it is abused for its own good and is perceived as being of further help to cruel people. Which I think elements of this took place in today 's society. In 2013 Edward Snowden a former CIA employee and a contractor of the US Government copied and released classified information from the NSA without authorization. This information contained evidence of NSA members collecting information on millions people without them knowing, watching them through scenes on their technological devices and monitor their every move. To me this shows that Orwell 's idea of an oppressive government couldn 't be far from a world today. Citizens in many countries are being watched and that freedom of feeling safe is taken away from them now that their privacy is invaded. Although I can understand that the government is doing good by this in some ways, such as watching out for terrorists, I think that collecting unnecessary information on innocent people is simply unfair. However, now I can understand why countries these day band this novel, because it 's too close to being accurate of what today 's Governments are actually like. I think this is terrifying as while I am writing this response there could easily be someone watching me through the scene, which as a matter of fact is a breach of my

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