George And Lennie Lonely

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Of mice and men by John Steinbeck was about these two friend George and lennie, who were immigrant workers looking for another job on a farm. Lennie being mentally ill it was harder for him because he didn't know right from wrong. Sometimes his bad decisions didn't always turn out good. Through out the characters actions John Steinbeck shows that the meaning of this story is being lonely isn't good because you got nobody to talk to or connect with.
In the story lennie grew a friendship with Curley's wife. Nobody really accepted him and well she was a girl she wasn't accepted too. At first, Curley's wife goes wandering around the barn because nobody will talk to her since she's a girl. Then, Lennie stays in the barn because the guys leave him out since he's mentally challenged. Next, they start
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Even at the end when George says ¨We gonna get a little place, with a cow and we'll have maybe a pig an chickens¨ George always cared for Lennie. In Of Mice and Men there were some characters that were lonely and led to bad things. Curley's wife was really lonely Like so she started talking to Lennie but then the fatal accident happened. ¨He shook her and her body flopped like a fish, then she was still. Lennie broke her neck.¨ Lennie accidentally kills Curley's wife led to his own death. George killed Lennie ¨He pulled the trigger, The crash of the shot rolled up the hill and down again. Lennie jarred and then settled slowly into the sand¨.
John Steinbeck uses foreshadowing in the story Of mice of men. He uses it by foreshadowing Lennie's death by using Candy's dog. For example when Carlson says ¨The way I'd shoot him, he wouldn't feel nothing. I'd put the gun right there¨ He pointed with his toe. ¨Right back of the head. He wouldn't quiver.¨(61) Later on in the story George ends up killing Lennie at the end of the story that way so he doesn't feel anything and can die in

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