Genrays Project Charter Essay

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Project Charter

GenRays’ Human Resource Information System
Project Charter

September 16, 2014 Table of Contents
Project Title 3
Purpose 3
Description 3
Objective 3
Success Criteria or Expected Benefits 4
Funding 5
Major Deliverables 5
Milestone Schedule 9
Approval Requirements 9
Project Manager 11
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Project Title
GenRays’ Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Implementation
The main purpose of the GenRays’ HRIS project is to replace the primitive legacy system by centralizing and streamlining Human Resource’s (HR) functions, and improving the current HR processes while facilitating growth and saving money across the organization.
A human
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Success Criteria or Expected Benefits
The success criteria GenRays will use to evaluate if the project was successful is:
There will be a notable decrease in the number of required resources and time spent processing employee information and completing administrative tasks. Efficiency will also be realized via the ability of the current human resource leadership to manage the workforce with current staffing levels.
From a technological perspective, the HRIS system will be easier to support because it is one system and one database instead of multiple systems and databases. This should decrease the number of staff or the number of hours required to support HR functionality.
The effectiveness of the human resource information implementation will be displayed by the quality of the data recorded in the database and by the increased access and ability to analyze this data at all staff levels within the organization.
User Satisfaction
User satisfaction will increase due to the level of access employees will have to enter, update and review their personal and professional data. The ease in which they can perform these tasks and the decreased amount of time it takes to interact with the new HRIS will lead to an increase in user satisfaction. This system will also increase user satisfaction by helping to promote development and career progression.
Several benefits that will be realized by implementing GenRays’ HRIS include:
• It

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