Genocide : A Systematic Extermination By Design Essay

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Genocide: A Systematic Extermination by Design
In the past centuries men has done amazing things that have been beneficiary to all society. Among these successes comes its different inventions, such as the automobile, boat, airplane, space ship, cellular phone and of course the personal computer that runs people’s whole life on a daily basis. Some people use these inventions for pleasure or as in the workforce to help them do a better job in whatever they might be doing in life. All of these wonderful things men has created for its own benefit without any barriers, thus, coming together in a united effort without any race, color or culture differences, this has not been an easy task to carry on. On the other hand, men have fallen short when it comes to treating other as equal cohabits on the same planet that people call home. There are some strange forces that surfaces in men’s hearts that people define as racism, hate and greed. Racism, hate and greed is pretty much what men have experienced all through its history. All these negative feelings towards others has brought men to develop a plan of eradication to some of these existence race of people. Subsequently, this action has inherited its name, and now everyone knows this by the word “genocide” a systematical extermination of others. The United Nations has also given a legal definition to these actions on their resolution dated on December 9, 1948, Article 2 in which it has proclaimed as a crime to humanity when it…

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