Fuckboi Analysis

In contemporary heterosexual relationships, a question that constantly plagues women is why are fuckbois the worst? Well, despite the fact that fuckboi is entirely a contemporary word, the fundamental concept of a fuckboi is congruous to Japanese Premodern literature because regardless of time and culture, there are always men constructing their sense of their masculinity around their belief in their unearned sense of entitlement and superiority that somehow sanctions their authority over the women they pursue and string along. Thus, Dictionary.com's working definition of fuckboi is a male that does not respect women because they are self-absorbed, will not commit to any serious relationship, and are always getting into trouble, yet still …show more content…
When Genji inquired after the wife, the Governor of Kii stated, "It is a sad fact that a woman's fate is especially uncertain." , which accentuated her lack of autonomy. When Genji broke into the wife's room, he insinuated that he had only came because he thought that when she called out her servant's name in fright, he took it as a sign that his "inner desires for [her] were not in vain." However, the wife did not know how to handle the situation because he was handsome and she was powerless to stop him because of his exalted status, which Genji actually found irresistible. After he forced himself upon her, Genji told her that "It's cruel of you to be so distracted and unresponsive, as though you're completely ignorant of the ways of men and women." , which implied that the wife was not meant to be unhappy that she held his attentions. Thus, in an attempt to win over the affections of the Vice Governor of Iyo's second wife, Genji employed the woman's younger brother as his messenger, using him to learn more about the woman and deliver messages to her. Concerned with her reputation, disregarding any feelings she might have for Genji, she never replied to Genji's letter intimately and was constantly in fear that the letters would fall into the wrong hands, which did nothing to stop Genji from obsessing over her or looking for an opportunity to see her. Genji's overdramatic response to being rejected yet again by the wife as she locked herself away to avoid Genji encapsulated how rejection is taken to mean rejection of a man's manhood as Genji said, "Never before have I been rejected by such a woman…I am ashamed and feel I can no longer remain in this world." Genji would rather contemplate death than be rejected by the Vice

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