Genetically Modified Organisms ( Gmos ) Essay

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Education; Americans are GMO Lab Rats
Genetic modification during infancy, animal testing, and vaccines all very controversial and talked about biomedical health issues. Recently the American public has heard a great deal about these topic during the presidential election (Despin). Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) directly affect every American citizen daily. So why is it that the controversial topic of food modification and gene manipulation not discussed more? Twenty-six countries around as of 2016 have banned GMO’s and sixty-one countries require GM labeling. Currently the United States is not a part of this statistics despite the fact that over seventy percent of foods in grocery are genetically modified. Many bills have tried to require GM labeling in various states. However, this legislation has never passed. The problem is that the average Americans do not know what a GMO really is. As a result, GM technology has infiltrated every aspect of food in America. The solution is simple; education is the only way that the food production process is going to change in the United States. Education needs to show that GMO affect the whole food service operation, it is vital that Americans are educated about where GMO came from, what foods they can be found in, how they can be avoided, and the possible health risks they pose.
William Hallman, chair of the department of ecology at Rutgers University, did a study looking at GMO education through demographics. He wanted to find…

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