Gmo Disadvantages

Genetically modified organisms or GMOs are organisms whose genetic material has been modified using recombinant DNA methods. Modern recombinant technologies enables DNA segments from different organisms to be held together. Organisms have been genetically modified in laboratories for purposes such as to study gene functions, replicate genes or proteins, or create models to cure human diseases. One of the most important application of GMOs is to generate crops that encodes for pest resistance. The use of genetically modified organisms has both positive and negative effects on humans and the environment.

Genetically modified organisms or GMOs are organisms in which a gene from one organism is altered to contain a segment of DNA from another
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By producing and pest or herbicide resistant crops, the use chemical sprays to prevent pests have been reduced. Along with producing pest and herbicide resisting crops, genetically engineering in agriculture can also reduce costs for food and drug production. Since medicines and vaccines are expensive to produce, scientists are genetically engineering foods to contain edible vaccines. The genetically modified crops also have enriched nutrients and enhanced food quality. Some other advantages of GMO techniques include, tolerance for disease, cold, and drought.

Some examples of genetically modified crops include the Bt corn and the golden rice. Bt corn is a result of a natural soil bacterium and the corn itself. The soil produce proteins that kills corn borer. By using Bt corn, farmers do not need the insecticides that usually affect human health. Golden rice had been created by genetically modifying rice. Golden rice is rich in Vitamin A and is very affordable. It is grown in developing nations to help keep the impoverished population from going
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Genetically modifying one organism can cause unintended harm to another organism. In the case of Bt corns, seeds containing recombinant proteins can spread the recombinant genes and expose non-target organisms to new toxic compounds in the environment. And, in the process, genes can also transfer to wrong organisms as well as humans. As a response to pest or herbicide resistant crops, pests and weeds become resistant to chemicals being used.

The use of GMOs also have economic concerns because the prices of GMO will be expensive. Another concern associated with GMOs is that private companies will claim ownership of the organisms they create and not share them at a reasonable cost with the public. The use of genetically modified crops will hurt the economy and environment, because large-scale farm production centers, who can afford the costly seeds, will dominate over the small farmers who can 't afford the

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