Genetically Modified Organisms Are Made

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Biotechnology is a biological process in which organisms, cells, or cell components, are used to develop new technologies. Genetically modified organisms—GMOs—are one important form of biotechnology, or genetic engineering technique, that is useful for the human race. However, GMOs are also an extremely controversial topic for society. Despite the fact that they can increase food production, improve nutritional values, create pest-proof foods, and aid in medicinal research, GMOs can be extremely harmful; many are not willing to take the risk.
How GMOs Are Made:
To comprehend the controversy surrounding genetically modified organisms, one must understand how GMOs are created. Genetically modified organisms are made by altering
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They also play a significant role in medicinal research. This has been proven by implementing the use of genetically modified organisms into pharmaceutical drugs, as well as gene therapy. One example of this is the production of the hepatitis B vaccine and other vaccines that are edible, which no longer require refrigeration (Goldbas). Many of these new discoveries have been made through genetically engineered animals. The alterations have aided in the research to cure human diseases, produce pharmaceutical drugs, and develop curative tissue implants. The results include Malaria-resistant mosquitoes and genetically modified bacteria that is now used to treat diabetes because they supply insulin. Growth hormones that treat dwarfism are produced from this bacterium, too. Human brain and neurological studies have also been done by the extraction of the green fluorescent protein found in jellyfish; because of the green fluorescent protein is then inserted into a mammal, the protein can track biological processes, specifically the neurological cells’ activity (Goldbas). Diseases such as cancer, cystic fibrosis, heart disease, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s, and other genetic disorders are lessened in severity today since the viruses are genetically modified with implant genes through the process of human gene therapy (Goldbas). This topic, however, is still up for

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