Genetically Modified Organisms Are Dangerous For People 's Health And Environment

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Pro GMOs
In 1996, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) were presented to people. Since then there have been vivid disputes about usefulness and safety of GMOs. Important question here is whether these genetically modified organisms are dangerous to people’s health and environment. Another issue is whether the humankind needs GMO to survive food crisis or whether it can do so without intervening the nature.
Thus, there are both proponents and opponent to the relevance of using GMO. On one side, there are defenders who encourage every development and scientific breakthrough. On the other side, there are those who wish to come back to conventional methods of cultivating and breeding and stop using GMOs. The USA is known as the greatest manufacturer and supporter of GE (genetically engineered) seeds. That is why the discussion around GMO is important for political, economic and social reasons.
For the purpose of this paper only advantages of the GMOs will be presented and analyzed. In addition, counterarguments to opponents of the GMOs will be given to prove relevance of GMOs use.
What is GMO?
Genetically modified organisms are species of flora or fauna which have an altered gene added to their DNA. Unlike the traditional way of breeding, GMOs involve the transfer of genes from one species to another. This technology is called ‘genetic engineering’, and it allows to transfer a selected gene to another species’ DNA (“Frequently Asked Questions…”)
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