Genetically Modified Organisms And The World Health Organization

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Some might be wondering when GMOs first came about in the United States. GMOs have been around for a good 20 years. In the year of 1982 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States approved the use of GMOs as a use of diabetes. This medicine was called Humulin. After the FDA did this everyone around started using GMOs because they were sure that is was safe to use for medical uses and to produce many other things for the people in todays world. 70% to 80% of all food produced,used, or ate in the United States has somewhat been genetically modified. The first food that was produced as a GM food was called the Flavr Savr tomato which was approved in 1994.

The real question is what is a genetically modified organism. “The world health organization also known as WHO defined them as organisms whose DNA has been altered in an nonnatural way(Glass, para.2).” GMO stands for genetically modified organisms and is sometimes referred to as genetically engineered organisms(GEOs).There are also such things as genetically engineered plants and genetically engineered animals. Genetically engineered plants are called transgenic plants and genetically engineered animals are called transgenic animals. Genetically modified organisms can either be a huge help to the environment or they can be very harmful.

Being informed on the food we’re consuming is one effective way of interacting with the natural world. Many people around the world have no clue what they’re eating…

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