Genetically Modified Organisms And The Advancement Of Human Society

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People have been modifying everything around them for as long as humans have edited. Animals, such as dogs, are bred for show and certain types of plants have been grown just for certain traits like the fruit they bear or their appearances. In today 's modern world, genetic modification has improved so much that the DNA of one organism can be inserted into another organism. The use of genetically modified organisms is beneficial to the advancement of human society.
Many types of genetically modified organisms exist today. GMOs contain DNA that is altered from their original, usually to obtain a desirable trait. For example, some organisms contain parts of other organisms ' DNA. Other types of GMOs may be clones and contain the exact same DNA as another organism. Even an organism 's original DNA can be altered by rearranging it or removing certain parts of it. Not much of an organism 's DNA is altered. Most of the desirable traits found in today 's crops are due to farmers ' artificial selection of breeding crops for generations (Klinkenborg). Crops are an example of GMOs. Many companies that produce GMOs exist. Some examples of these companies include Syngenta, Dow, and Monsanto; all of which produce GM seeds (Harmon). Some common GM crops include rice, soybeans, and corn, cotton, canola and sugar beets (Harmon). According to the survey by Rutgers University, it is estimated that about 90% of corn, 93% of soybeans, and 95% of sugar beets grown in the United States are…

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