Genetically Modified Foods : The World Of Health And Fitness Essay

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For years, parents have reprimanded their children with the witty comment “You are what you eat.”, and this phrase has been pulled into numerous lawsuits and controversial fights regarding genetically modified foods. In this day in age, how would people respond if someone told them that if they consumed too many genetically modified foods, they would become a genetically modified food? Genetically modified foods have earned themselves the abbreviation of GM foods, and were introduced into the world’s global food supply by 1990, with the Food and Drug Administration giving Pfizer Inc. the green light to put the first GM food ingredient to ever be developed on the shelves (ProQuest Staff). The nation’s overall health has been a priority throughout the country’s history, and citizen’s concern for what they have been consuming in the past 25 years has become a prominent issue in the world of health and fitness. GM foods can be spotted everywhere, and may easily be present in every item in one’s grocery cart. The Center for Food Safety described GM foods as “genetically modified ingredients in which a gene from one species is transferred to another to bestow certain traits” and have rooted themselves in “70% of all American processed food” (Eng). In 2012, proposition 37 was proposed to the government, making the labeling of GM foods a requirement and a shift towards a fight in the GM industry began to gain ground (Kallas). Although it failed to pass through Congress, activists…

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