Essay on Genetically Modified Food And Its Effects On Humans

2000 Words Nov 21st, 2016 8 Pages
In recent years, the outcry of people against genetically modified food, or GM food, has become increasingly prominent in both commercial and governmental practices. GM foods have a negative connotation; people think that eating something that has been modified is going to poison their body. Not only that, but most of the American public believes that in doing this, humans are playing god, and have gone too far. However, none of this is true. So far, none of the GM food currently on the market has any ill-effects on humans. Contrary to popular belief, GM food is something that could save millions who are starving, and are most likely the future of food. The problem herein relies with the media and the trust the general population places in it. To many, what the media says is law. Few do any extra research on any topic presented to them, so they regurgitate what was presented to them as fact. The uninformed American is science’s greatest enemy. People form opinions on GM food without knowing what it truly means. To the public, genetic modification is genetic modification, and genetic modification is evil. Very few consider what the term “GM food” encompasses and look at the different types within it. The most traditional type of GM food is called cross breeding (Chien 3). Crossbreeding has been done since the beginnings of human agriculture. The pollen of one flower (flower A) is inserted into a separate flower (Flower B), and then flower B gains Flower A’s traits. This…

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