Genetically Food And Drug Administration Approved Calgene 's Favr Savr Tomato

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In 1992, the United States Food and Drug Administration approved Calgene’s Favr Savr tomato, designed to remain firm for a longer period of time, hailing as the first commercially produced, Genetically Modified Food to sit on the market. Later on that year, the FDA declared genetically engineered foods “not inherently dangerous,” and that they do not need specialized regulation. In the past 24 years, genetically modified organisms have grown with increased technology and efficiency and today, GMOs make up 70-80% of the foods we eat. GMOs not only are heavily researched and funded, but also have numerous positive effects on the individual, economy, and environment. Some of these benefits include: keeping food affordable, feeding the world’s growing population, preserving water resources, and minimizing pesticides and soil erosion. GM technology allows farmers to use less pesticides, less water, and less land while increasing yield sizes, ultimately reducing the price of crops by 15-30%. Keeping food prices low is especially important to the low-income consumers, who would otherwise not be able to purchase nutritional options. In the United States, we are blessed by the availability of a wide variety of food options at affordable prices. Unfortunately, many countries do not have this same opportunity due to less advanced farming techniques and harsh weather conditions. Because of the efficiency of production agriculture with the use of GM technology, the US is able to…

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