Genetically Engineered Food Essay

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Millions of people all over the planet suffer from poverty and starvation. One very interesting but experimental solution to the problem of world hunger is genetically engineered food. The process involves the crossbreeding of crops in a laboratory with species that are not plant like. Say for example, that a scientist crossed a fish and a potato. The diversity of this gene mixture is supposed to give this hybrid crop special characteristics like resistance to disease, the ability to deal with extreme environmental situations, and much higher crop yields at harvest time. <br><br>The production of genetically enhanced food is considered a radical approach to dealing with the world hunger crisis. Critics of gene refined food believe that …show more content…
The red tape surrounding the issue makes the idea of production unattractive to companies who may be interested in investing. Trying to back the production of genetically engineered food would be a bad business move because it is too difficult to get past government health regulations. It would take too long maybe years before bankers would receive returns on their investments.<br><br>Most analysts of gene enhanced food believe that it is unnecessary to take such an extreme step toward solving world hunger. Actually they think that this is the wrong solution all together. <br><br>"Even though global food output is adequate to feed the entire world's population, 800 million people are going hungry because they cannot afford to buy food (" <br><br>Meaning that there is already enough food to feed the world. The solution to world hunger is to revamp the world economy and help third world countries out of debt. This way they will be able to afford to buy food for themselves without the aid of other countries. That makes sense because most third world countries won't be able to afford genetically engineered food either.<br><br>"Give a man a fish; you have feed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime."-Old Chinese Proverb. I think that this embodies the basic idea of genetically engineered food. I think that scientist want to create a surplus of food in the world. This

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