Essay on Genetically And Genetically Modified Organisms

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A remarkably negative aspect of genetically modified organisms is that the companies who control them go out of their way to make it difficult for small farms to stay in business. Most small farmers are at the disposal of the few large and powerful food corporations who control large portions of the market (Pollan 340). These large food corporations such as Monsanto intentionally create ridiculous legal issues for small farmers in order to eliminate and instill fear in their competition (Food, Inc.). Chemical companies, such as Monsanto, “have been purchasing more of the world’s seeds, genetically modifying them, and patenting them, so a handful of companies control our seed and food supply—and farmers can no longer save and pass down those patented seeds (“Going Against GMOs”). These companies then sue any farmer that uses patented seeds without the company 's approval (Food, Inc.). Given the fact that “90 percent of soy crops and 80 percent of corn crops in the United States sprout from genetically engineered seeds,” it is nearly impossible for farmers to avoid the contamination of their crops with patented genetically modified seeds (McWilliams 351). Many farmers cannot afford to fight expensive battles in court against a team of company lawyers. These farmers are often forced to settle, which may result in the loss of their farm despite the fact that they may have done nothing wrong. Large companies often sue unwinnable cases, simply to send a message (Food, Inc.).…

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