Genetic Modification Of Three Parent Baby Essay

1612 Words Mar 11th, 2015 7 Pages
Genetic Modification of Three-Parent Baby
Tam Nguyen
The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences
English Composition
Ms. Ryan
March 11, 2015

Many families who have severely disabled children hope to find a cure for this malignant life issue caused by a genetic defect. An example of why parents would want this ability is because they are desperate to help their children. Putting myself in the same position as parents to these severely disabled children, I have much sympathy for those parents. According to David Cameron who is United Kingdom Prime Minister (2015), “it was not playing god but the chance to help parents have a healthy and happy baby” (Matt Chorley, para. 3). A parent of a genetically defective child would want to halt their child from developing the disease. It would mean so much to them to have a healthy child. Even though a defective child is the worst possible news, it helps to have a sliver of hope. We as people of the community should also want to appeal to have a conscience for parents who are risk of children inheriting these incurable anomalies. No one should inhibit these parents from eradicating these diseases in their children or future generations. A good example of someone answering these parents is David Cameron, who voted in the permit for the creation of IVF babies with genetic material from three different people to allow different women to implant DNA strands from a donor egg into one of their own eggs. The creation of these…

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