Essay on Genetic Modification Of The Human Genome

1747 Words Nov 29th, 2015 7 Pages
The dream of eradicating illnesses just got one step closer as scientists in China have successfully modified the genes of a human embryo. This news reverberated throughout the scientific community and hailed as the next revolution of medicine as it will allow us to eradicate devastating genetic illnesses such as Down syndrome, Anemia and Parkinson’s (Tarantola). As the name indicates, genetically engineering embryos is the manipulation of the human genome, in order to improve the embryo’s DNA, and subsequently prevent devastating diseases that the individual would be otherwise susceptible to. As such, the genetic modification of embryos would allow humanity to prosper, free from some of the most serious diseases that haunt mankind. This attempt by the Chinese, is a step in the right direction of turning this utopic dream into reality. However, there are those who believe that genetically modifying human embryos can lead to unintended genetic consequences, besides the fact that the genetic modification of humans is a breach of ethical standards. Seeing how the procedure treats on medical ethics, and has polarised the scientific communities, experts around the world are debating whether the merits of the genetic modification of human embryos trump the supposed consequences of the act. While some might argue that the genetic modification of embryos can lead to unintentional consequences and is a breach of ethics, the potential of the procedure alone is enough to negate the…

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