Designer Babies In Brave New World

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Technology has come a long way in the last couple of decades. Technology went from horse drawn carriages to cars that park themselves. From sending letters that took days, weeks, even months to deliver to iPhones that can send and receive messages in seconds, no matter where the person is located on the globe. Technology is a wonderful thing that has helped in many ways, but recently technology has taken on a whole new spectrum. Not only can people communicate from all around the globe, but they will soon be able to genetically modify their unborn children. “Sci-fi novels and films, like Gattaca, no longer have a monopoly on genetically engineered humans. Real research scripts about editing the human genome are now appearing in scientific …show more content…
Children who are genetically modified will be considered superior to those who are not. They will possibly be better looking and could also be exceptionally more intelligent which will cause conflict between those who were not genetically modified and those who were. “The fear is that germ- line engineering is a path toward a dystopia of super people and designer babies for those who can afford it” (Regalado, 2015). Those with genetic enhancements would feel a sense of superiority to those who do not have genetic enhancements because they are more capable of doing things the other is not. The idea of superior humans is much like in Brave New World. In the novel, they are placed into five different social castes (Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons) and they are modified to fit their caste. These humans could also get further in life because of what their parents chose for them instead of what they were naturally born with. For example, if parents choose superior intelligence or exceptional musical skills for the child then the child can get a scholarship or get further in life than others who are born naturally because those things are more enhanced on the genetically engineered baby than the natural born babies who actually have to work hard to achieve a goal. Because of this people may think that, it is not fair and they are only getting these scholarships, promotions, etc. because they are genetically engineered that way. This will cause a ‘war’, in a sense, between ‘designer babies’ and ‘natural borns’. “These genetic techniques are also very expensive. Why should only rich people be able to eradicate genetic diseases and change characteristics? This could lead to imbalances between rich and poor people” (“Design-a-baby”, 2015). Genetically modifying babies is a risky practice that can cause defects, not only for the one baby, but for their children, and their

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