Genetic Engineering, Unethical, And Future Consequences Essay

840 Words May 17th, 2016 4 Pages
Genetic engineering is the process where you could modify or manipulate the characteristics of the genetic material (google). We have often heard about genetically engineered food that we consume on regular basis, but for a while now we have also started to manipulate human genetic material to our liking. In my opinion Human genetic engineering is unethical and it has a lot of unidentified consequences that we could face in the future. It could cause lack diversity, the issue on pertaining morality, and future consequences for embryo or genetically engineered child. Lack of genetic diversity may be caused due to genetic engineering, because when we genetically engineer a child we find the perfect “human” and will probably stick with those genes (NYLN). We all want to be like to change so many about ourselves physically and having access to the genetic engineering we might all just resemble each other in every possible way. There will be no individualism no characteristics that are differ from another. Why would you want to live in a world where everyone practically has the same structure and facial features as you?(Rinkesh) Even though not a lot of embryo are genetically engineered, we see a lot of example in the animals like when they “germline introduction of an improperly regulated normal gene into mice resulted in progeny with no obvious effects on development” (Stuart Newman) after this experiment the mice started to develop tumors in their adult life and that is one…

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