Essay on Genes : An Elevated Risk For Downs Syndrome

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CRISPR Genes – A way to eradicate Autism to Cancer to Zellweger syndrome and everything in-between

It was September 20th 2001. It was the day my mother would be screened if the fetus (i.e. me in my glorious self) showed an elevated risk for Downs Syndrome. A triple screen blood was performed which measured the quantities of three substances: Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) which is produced by the fetus, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), and unconjugated estriol which is produced by the placenta. The next 24 hours were one of the most stressful, my dad, tells me until the nurse called with the good news that all the bio markers were normal. Four weeks later they were not so lucky when my mother was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. So for the next 6 months my mother was on a diet so strict she needed to wake up at 2AM in the morning to eat just enough so I would develop normally. I think everything turned out OK for me but such is not the case for many who are affected by a variety of diseases from Autism and Alzheimer’s to Zellweger syndrome and the emperor or all maladies, Cancer that trace their way back to faulty genes.
THE genome is written in an alphabet of just four letters. Four letters that result in a dizzying number of combinations. In almost every cell in every human body there are two copies of the human genome, one from the mother, one from the father. In each of those genomes there are about 20,000 genes, each of which contains the recipe for a specific protein…

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