Generational Change In My Family

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When it comes to family, I am a firm believer that my family is unique. It’s so much love yet everyone has their own issues. Growing up around my house I never really noticed these issues as much as I do now. The older my sister and I get the more they feel like it 's ok to share. A few months ago we lost the glue to our family, to an accident involving improper hospital techniques. After that my family fell apart but oddly came together. We was missing someone but we felt as if she never lefted. My family is strong, loving, caring, blunt, arrogant, trusting, and of all dependable. Sure we have our issues and we have a lot but we are family no matter what. As I get older the generational change is obvious on both sides of my family. My parents unlike their parents waited until they were in their mid twenties …show more content…
My grandmother loved nothing more than family and mainly with the ability to be surrounded by tons family, my grandfather will soon find peace with his new life. We did balloon releases, cookouts, grave visit, family portraits and more. Finally with a lot of dedication to my grandfather we made his smile reappear. He smiled again for the first time in months. He made promises to see each of his grand kids graduate college and meet his great grandkids. Our grandfathers life 's crisis was finally turning into something worth living for,which was life itself. Another crisis my family endured was a loss of a job. My father loses his job around the time of my grandmother funeral Around down it was another hard hit for my family. Unsure on how to grieve my family with right into adjustment mode. Not only did we have to adjust to life without a special member we had to adjust to only have one paycheck in our household. My dad always wanted to be super dad. Unfortunately he felt like the total opposite. He was depressed, he felt unmanly in a sense that he could no longer

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