Generation X, Baby-Boomers And The Silent Generation

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Second semester of senior seminar consisted of a more hands on approach compared to the first semester of senior seminar. Second semester’s final project gave us a wide range of options for what our project could be. All that was asked of us was that our project engaged in the process, power, education or involvement of communication; in some way, shape or form, communication had to be involved. We were allowed to choose between various forms of work, ranging from a research paper to public relations events to audio/video productions, in order to produce what we believed was the most effective proposal to share our message.
For my final project I decided to create an audio/production piece by constructing a reflexive documentary. I questioned
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I set out to get their take on whether a balance between chivalry and feminism, two seemingly contradictory beliefs, could not just be found, but also co-exist with one another in to day’s strident society. I did so to get both genders perspective, one being the giver of these gestures and the other being the recipient. Hearing from multiple generations was important to see how manners and common interactions have changed throughout a specific span of time. Having multiple generations also shed light on thoughts of the current generations display of chivalry and whether or not they believed this change in social norms and gender roles was an important …show more content…
My topic spoke on behalf of feminism, chivalry and equal rights. With what is going on in the media and politics today, these issues are profoundly discussed on a regular basis, however, not often is it in favor of the males. I believe my documentary is compelling and useful because it makes people think from a different point of view on a topic that is so heavily talked about and even scrutinized in today’s community. Being a female, many originally assumed my documentary was set out to justify the confusing acts of women, not to sympathize with men. Being a female of the millennial generation block, I think where I stood on this topic alone made it

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