Generalist Social Work Provides An Integrated And Multileveled Approach For Meeting

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“Generalist social work provides an integrated and multileveled approach for meeting the purpose of social work. Practitioners acknowledge the interplay of personal and collective issues, prompting them to work with a variety of human systems—societies, communities, neighborhoods, complex organizations, formal groups, families, and individuals—to create changes that maximize human system functioning.” (Miley, O 'Melia, Dubois, 2013).This means that generalist social workers work directly with their client systems at all levels. The different levels are Microlevel systems, mezzolevel systems, and macrolevel systems. The view of generalist social work is like the view through a wide-angle lens of a camera. It takes in the whole, even when focusing on an individual part.
Microlevel intervention focuses on work with individuals, families, and small groups, Mezzolevel interventions focus on organizations and formal groups, and lastly the macrolevel interventions addresses social problems in the communities, institutional, and social systems. The Hummingbird family would be on the microlevel. Social workers use skills such as crisis intervention, referrals, and group processes. (Miley, O 'Melia, Dubois, pg.8).
The generalist approach has four major propositions. All of which can be applied to the hummingbird family. The first is human behavior is connected to the environment, social and physical. The second is based on the relationship between the person and the environment,…

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