Essay on General Trend And Population Growth

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A. Population Growth

1. General trend and population changes
1.1. Japan
Within Japan there has been a steady increase of the population in both sexes. This increase has been steady until 2015 where it dipped back down to 126’573 thousand people, which is just lower than what it was in 2005 at 126’979 thousand people (United Nations, 2015). Japan has one of the few countries with a decreasing population. This is a problem for the country and needs to be solved quickly.
1.2. China, Hong Kong SAR
The population of the Hong Kong SAR section of China is slowly increasing similar to the rest of the world. The one difference is that it is doing so at a lower rate. Hong Kong starts with a very low population of 1’974 thousand people then slowly starts to increase every five years at a steady amount of under approximately 1’000 thousand people (United Nations, 2015).
2. Possible causes
First of all, Japan just as the rest of the world has seen an increase of population. After World War Two everyone experienced an increase of population and the affects are still affecting many countries (Casper, 2016). This can also be seen in the population of Japan form the 1950s to 1970s (United Nations, 2015). This population growth is also due to an increase of better healthcare, which in turn leads to lower mortality rates. Within Japan this is also true.
Secondly, just as with most developed countries, Japan has had a steading population over the last 25 years due…

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