General Personality Profile Of A Non Religious Individual Essay

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The neurons in the brain work in coordination; some of these networks are dedicated to critical thinking and others to empathy. A link has been determined between the level of empathy and religion: the more religious an individual is, the more empathetic they will be. On the other hand, individuals who are more analytic find the idea of higher power hard to comprehend. Analytic thinking and moral concern signify two cognitive models and are always in competition with each other (Scutti, 2016). The general personality profile of a non-religious individual is highly associated with psychopaths; as they tend to have higher levels of self-centered impulsivity and cold-heartedness compared to their religious counterparts. In ambiguous situations, natural tendencies will decide which way to respond, either analytically or empathically (Scutti, 2016) Researchers designed eight linked experiments to explore a potential relation between belief, analytic thinking, and moral concern.
In the first experiment, participants completed surveys measuring mechanical reasoning, empathetic concern, critical reasoning, and beliefs (Scutti, 2016) Interpreting these results, it was determined that belief is positively correlated with empathy, but negatively correlated with critical thinking and mechanical reasoning. Out of the eight experiments, four studies underlined mentalizing. In order to study this trait, the experiments were comprised of self-report measures, performance- based measures,…

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