Gender Labels Affecting Children's Interest In Toys

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Children are much to use to being told what is right and wrong for them, many parents believe that this is to keep their children safe which generally it is but when it comes to toys that is untrue. However it is not only the parents who are telling their children what they should and shouldn’t be interested in, outside sources including billboards, commercials, and books all include gender specific advertisements focused wither on boys or girls. “One way children acquire knowledge about the gender-typing of toys is through explicit gender labels provided by socializing agents such as parents, family members, peers as well as stores and corporations who often advertise items in a gender specific way. These labels significantly affect children 's interest in toys such that toys that are …show more content…
I was able to play with a kitchen set and then run outside and play soccer with my older brother, I could play with my Barbie dolls and then play with my brothers WWF wrestlers. A child’s imagination should not be controlled by their sex and therefore when I was younger I did have the opportunity to learn about “boy stuff” and “girl stuff”. This experience had allowed me to realise that I am a lot more feminine then masculine, I would much prefer to go shopping done then run around in the dirt, but it does not mean that I do not have masculine qualities. I certainly love being with my brother and watching wrestling, or playing video games, rather than getting my nails done. Being able to grow up in a family that agreed to let me, be me gave me the unique opportunity to choose my own gender. Even though I do identify as a girl, and if asked I will say I am feminine, it is not the only part of me and the experiences I had when I was a child are what allowed me to make these life altering decisions for

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