Gender Stereotyping in Children Essay

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Gender Stereotyping in Children

Alisha Gordon
English 111
Tracey Johnson
May 3, 2012

Gender Stereotyping in Children
Delaying exposure to gender stereotyping in young children helps avoid disapproving gender views that limit children’s behavior and learning abilities, which plays a vital role in their social and cognitive development.
I. Beliefs and Behaviors
II. Influences a. Biological b. Environment 1. Family 2. Teachers 3. Peers III. Identity a. Emergence of gender identity IV. Gender Schema V. Conclusion
After researching and learning about this topic, children who hold a flexible gender view of what boys and girls can do tend to see the world in
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Then by preschool, children start to associate items, toys, clothing, jobs and behavior with gender and in doing so affects their play and personality preferences. With this in mind, children are then set in their gender stereotypes and might feel they should not violate these invisible guidelines by playing with someone who is different than their gender choice. They might feel there’s no flexibility for such violations. They may not realize how boys and girls are different but how they can be alike too (Berk 390-391). Biological influences on gender in humans deals with sex-type and hormones. Females have a 23rd pair with of x-shaped chromosomes; males have a 23rd pair with an x chromosome and a y chromosome. Females produce estrogen and males produce androgens. With this in mind, Maccoby argues “that sex hormones (…) affect human play styles, leading to rough, noisy movements among boys and calm, gentle actions among girls ( Berk 391). When peer interaction occurs, children pick someone who has the same or similar actions as themselves. Girls choose to stay with one-on-one play and boys like to interact with groups (Berk 391).
Environmental influences on gender deals with parents, teachers and peer interaction. Children can distinguish between boy and girl at an

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