Gender Stereotypes Of The Well Known T.v. Sitcom Series, Friends, By The Characters

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This paper will be discussing on how gender stereotypes is portrayed in the well-known T.V. sitcom series, Friends, by the characters’ interaction with one another. Friends is about a group of friends in their late 20s living in Manhattan, New York who hang out together while going through their personal and professional daily lives. It models a social world in which portrays how men and women are to act in a typical American ideal life. Even though each character has their own unique personality, they all interact with one another and are loyal to be there for each other regardless of the circumstances. This T.V. sitcom series portrays in which society believes men and women are to act and behave in a certain way based on their sex showing this through gender stereotypes. In this paper, I will be discussing the series overall rather than a specific episode because gender stereotypes are seen throughout multiple times in the episodes. The three men in Friends portray their gender stereotypes by the different roles of masculinity, in which they are to act in society. In their social world, Ross, Chandler, and Joey are the main characters in the show. They model masculinity in their groups of friends to show how men are to behave. Their friendship together relies them to check on each other’s masculinity from time to time in order to not be viewed feminine. These stereotypical features throughout the series are ideal images of how men are to typically act in society. They…

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