Hunger Games And Gender Stereotypes

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The first one is The Hunger Games. The book follows Katniss Everdeen, a 16 year old girl from District 12 who volunteers for the 74th Hunger games so that her sister does not have to participate. The hunger games is a death match between the children chosen from each district to participate.
The Hunger Games is a great example of breaking common gender stereotypes as the main character is a strong and independent female character. Katniss does not rely on the usual stereotypical male character to look after her. One such character, Gale, is there for her in this way in the beginning of the novel, but Katniss is not romantically interested in him and prefers taking things into her own hands. Although she may not be completely romantically inclined
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The book is exactly as the title suggests a struggle for the thrown after the King Robert Baratheon is killed in a hunting accident organized by none other than his own wife.
The book does include a wide range of gender stereotypes but at the same time breaks convention. For example one of the most beloved characters of the book Daenerys is seen as almost helpless and submissive as her own brother arranges a marriage for her so that he can gain an army out of the deal. She is also raped on her wedding night by her new husband as she does no give her consent. However towards the end of the book she emerges as the mother of dragons and gains followers known as blood riders who would previously only pledge their allegiance to men, but after she emerged as the mother of dragons they recognised her as blood of my blood.
So in conclusion I believe that Hunger games, LOTR and Harry Potter should definitely be included in the school library as they are all great books and are really interesting to see the challenging of gender stereotypes. I would also suggest that “A Game of Thrones” be included as there are just so many roles, stereotypical and non-conventional in the book but I suggest that only grade 11 and 12 learners be allowed to read it as some of the content is quite

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